Crowded city buildings with many alleyways and roads. Docks and warehouses are the most open places in the city. Blue brick roads and shanty looking buildings made of driftwood. Here and there are barrels and crates, pots and burlap sacks of goods. The smell of spices, sweat, and fish fill your nostrils and the sound of seagulls and shouting commands are loud in your ears. The streets are busy, with strong sailors running two and fro, carrying this and that. Many different races and kinds of people. This is a diverse and exciting place, full of opportunity.

These are the districts in descending order, north to south.


1 Longshroud Alley

2 Littlebell Residential (lowercrust residential)

3 Amberside Residential (uppercrust residential)

4 Knightyard

5 High Vernkildohr Keep

6 Arcas Enclosure (royal gardens)

7 Redwharf Street, (port district)

8 Sandalwood Marketplace

9 Lantern Street (religious district)

10 The Silverchill Halls

11 Nyst Street, (magic district)

12 Magelone Caves



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