Elene "Doll Girl" Cromwyll


Long straight blonde hair
BLueish-silver eyes


AC: 17
HP: 34

STR: 19
DEX: 8
CON: 14
INT: 7
WIS: 10
CHA: 16

War Caster-
*Advantage on Concentration checks
*Can cast spells on attacks of opportunity
*Can cast while holding a two-handed weapon

Fighting Style – Defence:
*+1 AC

Second Wind -
*Bonus Action: Regain 1d10+Fighter level HP
*1/Short Rest

Action Surge:
*Extra Action 1/Short Rest

Fiend Pact
*Killing Blow: THP CHA+Warlock lvl

*Agonizing Blast – +CHA mod DMG
*Dark Sight – Darkvision 120ft


Elene Cromwyll

Elene Cromwyll is a short, blonde girl with blueish silver eyes. She never knew who her mother or father was, or if she had any siblings. She was raised by a soldier and an alchemist by the names of Logan and Marias Gyre. At a young age she trained with Logan in swordplay. Her early life was pretty dull, she woke up, picked herbs for Marias, trained with Logan, then the day was finished. In her early teen years she started going to the city of Nepharius to raise money for the Gyres. Her favorite way of making money was to gamble, she used her marked cards to scam so many people out of money. She always carried around her teddy bear Azoth around her belt. She said it always gave her good luck. Then there was Angel, her alter ego. Angel is the daughter of a noble, she forges invitations to big parties, then steals what she can. Everything she steals she sells, and gives all the money away to orphanages. She doesn’t ever take credit for the donations, she wants to keep her tough exterior.

At the age of 16 she started seeing a young man by the name of Jarl Demonsbane. Jarl was a scholar at the University of Nepharius. Jarl is a tall handsome dark haired man with a dark personality. He had an interest in Elene’s love for swordsmanship and magic. Elene herself could never cast anything, but she loved the studying of magic, and what it was capable of. Jarl never thought of someone who could use both a sword, and magic. He tried to help Elene by secretly cursing her bear Azoth to act as an arcane focus, little did he know this would cause Elene to have nightmares every night of demons and dragons. Elene had a hard time sleeping every night. Jarl didn’t have the heart to tell her it was his fault.

Jarl and Elene had been seeing eachother for about 2 years now. While Jarl was on break from the University they went on a vacation to a neighboring town. On the way to this town they were jumped by a group of Orcs. Jarl and Elene killed 3 of them before they were too much and captured. After being taken to the Stronghold they were given a trial by combat. Jarl went first against the Orc War Captain Nor’Thaga, Jarl was stripped of all armor and items and given a greatsword. Without an arcane focus Jarl was proven useless, and fell in just a few swings. Elene saw this and was immediately forced against the same foe. Filled with anger and sorrow she was given the same greatsword, and when the orc charged at her she remained still. With a swift dodge of the orcs charge, she turned around and made one horizontal sweep and decapitated the orc. Afterwards she was given all of her stuff, and Jarls. She was set free and headed back home to Nepharius. She returned to the University where Jarl studied and entered his room. She found his journal and started reading it, she found out where her nightmares were coming from. She wasn’t even mad, she knew he really loved her. She found out his father beat him from a young age and that he was an officer of the army. This is how she will seek vengeance. This… was her new target.

Shortly after Jarl’s passing Elene decided to join the Dervishes, a group of people who help others through killing those who are evil. She found this as a means to accomplish her goal. After a year of building trust with the Dervishes she was promoted to an officer, which gave her the power to choose her own missions. After sharing her story with others they agreed that Jarls father, Sir Demonsbane, had to be eliminated. The Dervishes gathered the information they could and a few weeks later the mission was assigned to Elene. Before this mission she left a letter on her bed. This letter was her resignation from the group, and thanking the Dervishes for everything.

Elene "Doll Girl" Cromwyll

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