Have ye peeled back the eyelid of the world? Have ye’ peeked behind the curtain’s of this cruel stage? Whose idea was it exactly, that our world be broken in two, so that it‘s rotted insides be spillin' out of the depths? So that everycreature be choking on the dark mists of the black seas? No… we are the toys of the gods gents, and they take a fine pleasure in breakin’ em.”



In a catastrophic event, the world has been broken in two.


There is the World Above…

Balurial, a brilliant sky of floating islands, held aloft by arcane sources. A land of freedom and beauty, where society flourishes among the clouds.


And the World Beneath…

Pandrion, a deep black ocean covered in grey fog, filled to the surface with horrors inconceivable. A land where the people left behind struggle in the dark, their stinking cities fraught with mystery and black magic.


The heroes arrive in the port city of Nalphene, an island rich with dwarven history. The diversity here is ever changing, and every day has new opportunities for business. Traveling entertainers, fortune tellers, sailors, and thieves, all come here seeking coin.

Balurial prospers, however talk of war is rising on the lips of her people. A nation called Alraida has begun attacking and invading other countries in the name of knowledge, and the atmosphere of the world above is charged with the anticipation of a world war.

Nalphene's fate hangs in the balance.  Will the heroes discover the island's dark secret in time? or will the city and her people fall into ruin?

Sunkenhold Depths

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